The weekly catch up #5 (of sorts)

The weekly catch up #5 (of sorts)A week in my life condensed down into one post...but this weeks is a little different.
So first of all I want to say sorry for not only the lack of posts this week but also for the fact that this weekly catch up is a day late. You see, other than going shopping with my mum on the Wednesday of last week (which you can see my vlog of in my YouTube channel, link in my about me page) I really haven't done much this week and that has caused me to enter one of my slightly depressive episodes.
I have honestly been waking up in the mornings, and sometimes the afternoons, thinking to myself "what is the point to me waking up?", "should I just go back to sleep?" And "why am I feeling like this?".
And the honest answer to the last question is that I just don't know. 
You never really know when depression is go into strike, and it can sometimes be overnight and for no apparent reason. I would wake up to just go back to sleep soon …

The weekly catch up #4

The weekly catch up #4A week in my life condensed down into one post17th July-23rd JulyBefore I start this weekly catch up, I just wanted to say that we've made it to one whole month of doing these weekly catch ups which to me is a big deal. Often I lose motivation very easily due to my depression but I glad that this is the one thing I managed to stick with, so YAY!!!
Monday- now this Monday, I really needed a day to look after myself and my skin as I had been breaking out a lot due to stresses at home and having good skin always helps me mentally (you can read why here in a past post) so I spent my day giving my face a good wash, did a face mask and some others things. But before I was given the chance to start my mini spa day, something else that I had to deal with popped up. Isn't that always the way? 
But this was good news, it was the news of my DSA equipment and the fact that I was able to get it delivered THAT WEEK!! I wasn't expecting to get it so soon but hey, when…

The things no one tells you about depression and anxiety

The things no one tells you about depression and anxiety The things you don't get told about depression and anxiety, written from the perspective of someone with both.
So as many of you reading this will already know, I have been suffering from mental health problems for most of my life, but I myself was only diagnosed in February 2015. Everything before that was my parent's mental health problems influencing my life. 
Both of my parents have got mental health problems, which my mum having depression and anxiety (the exact same as me) and my dad having both of them as well but many more problems along with them. He hasn't been in work for nearly 4 years due to a complete mental breakdown at his last job (something which we still, as a family, find hard to talk about). Much like 33.1% of those with mental health problems*. 
Since then, he has been a mere shell of a man that he used to be.
Don't get me wrong, he still has his great days where he seems as happy as happy can b…

The setting up of my DSA equipment

The setting up of my DSA equipmentWhat it was like for me to have my DSA equipment delivered and set up

So today was finally the day I had my DSA equipment delivered and set up for me. And honestly was much easier than I was expecting it to be. I wasn't really sure was expecting, but I certainly wasn't expecting it to only take around 15 minutes to get all of the software downloaded onto my laptop. The most challenging part was probably trying to make small talk with the man delivering, that's the one thing I struggle most with my anxiety; making small talk with people I don't know. Luckily the delivery man was quite understanding about this, and my mum happened to be in the room with me and she's great at making small talk so that took a bit of the pressure off me.
The most challenging part was properly once the delivery man left because I just want to jump right in and have a go with all the equipment and software, and instead of having the delivery man stay for lo…

Life certainly is strange

Life certainly is strangeHow the PS4 game "life is strange" had a bigger impact on me than I thought it would.*SPOILER ALERT*
So if you've read some of my other posts then you'll now that I like to play video games, and when my boyfriend saw that "Life is Strange" was one of the free games for PlayStation Plus, he knew it was right up my alley and instantly downloaded all 5 episodes for me, (I know guys, #relationshipgoals am I right?).
Anyway, as I was playing through the game the topics in it started to become darker and darker and honestly, I didn't think that a game would be able to have such a mental and emotional impact on me. 
The first time I was overcome with emotions was when the protagonist Max entered an alternative timeline which caused her best friend Chole to become a quadriplegic who felt she was surviving rather than living. After spending some time with her she asks you a very big favour; can you turn up her dosage of morphine high enough…

The weekly catch up #3

The weekly catch up #3A week in my life condensed down into one post10th July-16th JulyMonday & Tuesday- Much like Monday and Tuesday of last week, not a lot happened. I've come to the realisation that I really need to find something for myself to do on a Monday, even if it's just going out for a 5-minute walk because the more I find myself not having anything to do, the more motivation I'm losing to do anything else during the week and if I truly want to do well in university then I think now's the time to start getting myself into a good Monday morning routine. Surprise surprise on Tuesday I was over at my boyfriend's, but the poor thing ended up getting quite ill, so ill in fact that in the middle of July he was shivering and complaining of being cold. So I ended up being nurse for the day but to be honest, I really didn't mind. I mean, I love the man, so if that means I have to look after him when he's ill then, of course, that's what I'm go…

Out Out Damned Spot (my skin care routine)

Out Out Damned SpotMy skin care routine
Not long ago I showed you all my hair care routine and how it improves my mental health. So now I've decided to show my skin care routine and how taking care of my skin also helps me. 
Now, I have far from perfect skin (I mean come on, I am a teenager...just about...) but trust me when I say compared to how it was in my early teens, it's doing pretty good. But it hasn't come without hard work. For instance, my skin got so bad that I bad to go onto long term antibiotics which you take for a minimum of 2 years (don't worry, this type doesn't become resistant to the body) and these combined with the time I take to take care of my skin it has done wonderous things. 
As for what it's done for my anxiety and depression, we have to go back to when my skin was at it's worst. At this time in my life, it seemed as if it was just thing after another and having acne didn't help, it made my depression get worse as I felt that it …